SWAN Pyramid SK261030CN Traditional Kettle – Cream





Top features: – High capacity design can brew up to nine cups – Easy to use with a 360 degree base High capacity Offering an effective way to boil large amounts of water at the same time, the Swan Pyramid Kettle has a generous two litre capacity that is perfect for brewing up to nine cups of tea with just one boil.Featuring a retro-inspired two-tone design, the Swan Pyramid Kettle adds a unique element to any kitchen. Easy to use To make sure you don’t accidentally overfill the kettle, the water gauge near the handle makes it easy to see how much more water you need, and when the kettle is already full. The cordless base has a 360 degree design so that you can easily move the kettle around the kitchen, and comfortably pour water into your mug whether you’re left or right handed.

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