SKANDINAVISK Hav Diffuser, 200ml




An evocative combination of water flora; driftwood; sea froth; and fresh air, this luxurious diffuser is a celebration of Scandinavia’s endless coastlines. Here the land is surrounded by the cold waters of the North Atlantic, Baltic and Arctic seas, providing a unique and stunning seascape.   This hand-poured diffuser features a blend of perfume, with a non-alcohol liquid base and eight reed sticks.   Shaun and Gerry created SKANDINAVISK after moving to Copenhagen and Stockholm from England, and falling for the Scandinavian way of life. Its stunningly raw nature and enviable lifestyle inspired them to design and produce a range of luxurious candles, as they felt the multi-sensory experience offered by hand-poured wax truly represented the region’s unique personality.   Scandinavians get through more candles than any other nation in the world, using them at morning, noon and night. SKANDINAVISK’s beautiful range of home fragrance celebrates this tradition and the ease at which a lit candle can enhance our environment to create a softer, more informal and cosier atmosphere.   The brand’s stunning collection of fragrance also extends to a range of diffusers.

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