Philips Hue White And Colour Ambiance Gu10 Led Starter Kit





Create an ever-changing colour scheme in your home using your smartphone or tablet with the Philips Hue Ambiance GU10 LED Starter Kit. This kit is the perfect way to get started with 3 Hue GU10 spotlight-style lightbulbs and the Hue Bridge, which connects the bulbs to your broadband network so you can control them remotely via WiFi. There are 16 million colour variations to choose from so you can find the perfect combination to suit any room, from a starting the day with gentle pastel shades as you wake up slowly to sinking into a rich orange sunset glow at the end the day. You can also create splashes of different colours in part of one room – the options are limitless. Your favourite colour combinations can be saved and instantly revisited whenever you want and there’s also a great range of presets built in, including Reading mode for relaxing with a good book, Concentrate for staying alert as you work and Energise when you need picking up. Lighting combinations can also be set to timers, which is perfect for making your home look like there’s someone in while you’re on holiday or simply as a way of getting yourself moving in the morning. You can control up to 50 Hue bulbs through your Hub, so you may find your network starts to grow quickly! You can even link it all up to data feeds on your device, giving you a visual alert when you get a phone call or important message. Apps are also available for Apple and Android devices that will make your lighting respond to whatever music you’re playing! There’s no need for a complicated installation or an electrician – it really is as simple as changing a lightbulb. Depth: 51 MM Turn on your imagination – Play with light and choose from 16 million colours Sync your Philips Hue lights with movies and music through your iOS and Android smart devices Turn on your peace of mind – Control your lights from anywhere Control your lights, your way – Set light schedules for easy home automation Connect up to 50 Philips Hue lights to your Hue Bridge The Hue Bridge is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology Height: 71 MM Width: 51 MM

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