MIELE CM 6150 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine – Graphite Grey





Top features:- Pour two delicious cups with OneTouch for Two function- Prepare hot milk and clean your system with ease- AromaticSystem ensures the full aroma and flavour are captured- Individual settings mean you can fully customise your drinks- Enjoy a morning cup of coffee with auto settingsPour two delicious cupsEnjoy delicious coffee for yourself and your friends, family or partner with the convenient Miele CM 6150 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.There’s no waiting to pour the second cup, as the OneTouch feature has been extended to provide two drinks with the same simple system, so you can both relax with your favourite drink.Prepare hot milkIt’s simple to prepare hot milk or milk froth in a short space of time with the Cappuccinatore, so you can create coffee specialties in the comfort of your home.The Cappuccinatore, as well as many other parts of the system, are dishwasher-safe for cleaning convenience and system maintenance so your Miele coffee machine keeps running smoothly.AromaticSystemDelicious coffee isn’t only about the taste – the aroma is also important in a perfect cup. The Miele countertop coffee machine has an expanding brew chamber as water flows in.This means the ground coffee is mixed with the water thoroughly and allows the aroma to mix and unfold for your taste enjoyment.Individual settingsYou can fully customise your coffee experience with this Miele bean to cup machine, as it has a number of individual parameter settings.You’ll be able to set the grinder, amount of coffee, temperature, pre-brewing and amount of water, so you can ensure you get the very best flavour from every type of drink you create.Enjoy a morning cupWake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and face the day with your morning brew thanks to auto settings that switch the machine on to provide your preferred beverage.The machine can turn itself off automatically in the evening when you no longer need to use it, and will shut down when it hasn’t been used for a while, saving your energy bills.

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