LG OTW420B Tilt & Turn TV Wall Mount for B6, C6, E6, G6 OLED Series




The LG OTW420B tilt & turn wall mount will secure your OLED TV on the wall in no time at all. Designed specifically for LG’s 2016 OLED televisions, it will highlight the slim design of the screen and blend seamlessly into the home decor. Compatibility Designed specifically for use with OLED65G6V, OLED65E6V, OLED55E6V, OLED65C6V, OLED55C6V, OLED65B6V & OLED55B6V OLED TV models, the wall mount offers a secure installation for the big screen. Tilt & Turn Mounted closely to the wall for unobtrusive styling, the OTW420B features a tilt and turn design for a customized viewing angle.

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