KNOWHOW Ring Doorbell Installation





Our experts will install your new video doorbell just where you want it and show you how it works with the Knowhow Ring Doorbell Installation. You’ll be able to see who is at your front door, even when you’re not at home.Here’s what we’ll do:- Install your Ring video doorbell to your door frame or external wall. – If you have an existing wired door chime, we’ll connect it so that it works with your Ring video doorbell. – Connect it to your home WiFi network. – Set up the app on your smartphone or tablet. – Demo the doorbell functionality and how the app works. – If you’ve purchased a Chime, we’ll plug it in, connect it to your home WiFi network and set up it up to work with your Ring video doorbell at no extra cost.PLEASE NOTE: This installation excludes the Pro version.Before we arrive, please ensure the following:- If you haven’t already done so, call us on 0344 561 0046 to book your smart installation. Please make sure you have your order details which can be found on your email confirmation. – During the call, we’ll run you through a few questions with you so that we can ensure that we provide a successful installation. – We’ll confirm the date of installation, which will usually be arranged within 7 days of your call. – If you’ve purchased a Stick Up Cam to work with your Ring video doorbell, you’ll need to purchase installation separately for this product, but we’ll install it at the same time. Call us on 0344 561 0046 to order this service. On the day of installation, please ensure that you have the following available for the engineer:- WiFi network name and password details- Access to the devices you want the app to be installed onThings to consider:- Any cameras you install must only be used for the purpose they are designed for. This means they can only be aimed at property you own, and cannot be pointed at a neighbour’s house, a public place or be used to violate the privacy of others. Cameras used for home security do not need to comply with the Data Protection Act. However businesses do, so legal advice is recommended before installing cameras for business or professional use.- The only thing home users need to remember about the footage captured is that it cannot be shared online or with other people, unless used in a criminal investigation. Businesses must keep all recorded footage secure and comply with the Data Protection Act.- If you use your home CCTV or smart camera for its intended purpose, you won’t run into any trouble.

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