16cm Aluminium Non-Stick Saucepan




The classic cook range induction safe aluminium premium non-stick cookware.,Dimensions: Diameter:16 cm,Item details: Due to the nature of induction hobs, these pans generally don’t work on induction rings that are larger diameter than the base of the pan. They do work on all other hobs,Milk pan, 16cm saucepans and 20cm frypan work on all rings up to 15cm diameter (small),18cm saucepans work on all rings up to 18cm diameter (medium),All other sizes work on all size induction rings, For use on an induction hob, ensure the individual ring outline does not show outside the pan diameter as the full width of the ring must be covered to activate the hob. If the hob ring exceeds the pan diameter it may not be activated.,The 16cm and 18cm saucepan will work on induction hobs up to a maximum diameter of 15cm (small), These are dishwasher safe,More information: Induction Ring suitable:Yes,Care and composition: Aluminium

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